Why We Do It

We believe in:

Providing free, quality healthcare to the world's most underserved communities.

The highest level of expertise should be delivered to those who need it most. We believe that healthcare is a basic human right and access to healthcare should not be determined by geography, nationality, race, socioeconomic standing or wealth. However, existing conditions limit even basic healthcare provision. Our goal is to identify these at risk populations and provide high quality medical support.

Creating sustainable health programmes.

We teach local communities with limited or no access to basic health education to adopt healthy living practices. First, this comprises sending our volunteers to such communities to provide such education using a hands-on approach. Second, to promote the continuity of such education, we aim to equip the local community with a robust and locally-run healthcare centre comprising validated and well-trained local staff who will continue the work after the volunteers have left.

Investing in local talent to ensure the continuity of our programmes and finding local solutions to local problems.

We work with local liaisons for logistical support and collaborate with local doctors, hospitals and clinics to evaluate and formulate best practices. We focus on developing on-the-ground skills in the various fields of paramedical care, health education, and logistical, administrative and liaison services.

A cost-effective and maximum-benefit approach.

We strive to ensure that 100% of all our donations go to our beneficiaries. Our volunteers pay for their own airfare and accommodation.