Global Clinic Limited was registered on 7 September 2012 as a public company limited by guarantee in Singapore with registration number 201222164N.

As the majority of our beneficiaries reside outside Singapore, we do not qualify for registration as a Singapore charity. Therefore, donations to us do not attract tax exemptions on income drawn in Singapore.

Finance and accounting

We strive for the highest standards of transparency and accountability in our finance and accounting procedures. As a Company Limited by Guarantee, we conduct an annual statutory audit.

All our doctors, nurses and non-medical volunteers work for free and are required to foot the cost of their transport and accommodation on missions. Our Directors and Management Committee bear a large proportion of administrative (e.g. legal, external auditor) costs. This ensures that the vast majority of the funds we receive from donors reach our beneficiaries in the form of medical supplies and equipment.

On missions, we record all expenses made and collate data to assess and analyse the results of those expenses.

None of our Directors or Management Committee members receive any remuneration for the undertaking of their responsibilities.